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EXCLUSIVE | Check out the new Promo Video for Clover Cottage Retreat by One12 Productions.

Filmed in May this year, One12 Productions owner & filmmaker, Daniel Pinelli captured Clover Cottage Retreat in all its winter beauty! Get a feel for this outdoor venue & all its charm in this cinematic footage.

If the following clip does not play - click here CLOVER COTTAGE PROMO CLIP


A little history...…..

Clover Cottage Country Retreat, built in 1875, is a historic pioneer homestead of the Southern Forests region between Pemberton and Manjimup, South-West, Western Australia. The farm is nestled on the banks of the magnificent Warren River.

One of the cottage accommodation at Clover Cottage Retreat

Clover Cottage is a place where weddings were celebrated as far back as in the 1880s. With its cottage gardens, gnarled old trees and misty river valley setting provide an aura of romance and tranquillity of a bygone era.


One12 Productions - Daniel Pinelli, Filmmaker & Photographer.

Daniel is well known in the Southern Forests town of Manjimup. Born & raised in the area to a popular local family, he has always been destined to go far! He started making videos about five years ago for fun, and at the time thought his future would be a career as a physio. But then, after chatting with his mum about his real passion - for videography & photography, he took a swift change in direction to follow his dream.

Daniel headed to the big smoke to focus on a university course in screen arts, but his desire to get straight into his art resulted in Daniel contacting a local media company, who instantly saw his skill and took him under their wings. A move that has now given Daniel the opportunity to make many videos.

One12 Productions is growing its portfolio & followers quickly, and Daniel couldn't be happier. His favourite styles are cinematic and surreal. Put simply, his focus is on creative content; wedding videos to music videos & events!

Working as a photographer, videographer and incorporating his drone photography & videography, the only limits are imagination!

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