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Green Weddings in 2019 - Our tips on holding an eco-friendly wedding!

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Green weddings have been becoming more and more popular over the years, as eco-conscious couples strive to find ways for their special day to have little impact on the environment but huge impact on the hearts!

The Southern Forests & Valleys region is such a beautiful place. With our tall trees, colourful native flora, clear waters and rolling hills - it's hard to not be inspired to be kind to nature. So, to awaken your creativity, we have put together some simple ways to achieve eco-friendly awesomeness!


Whether you decide to get creative and make your own, invest in a talented designer or purchase pre-designed, you can choose to only use recycled paper. It's a popular trend & saves the trees! Win, win!


The Southern Forests & Valleys region is renowned as the 'Food Bowl' of the South-West, Western Australia. With the Southern Forests region producing over 50 different types of produce, you can be assured that sourcing locally, will not limit your menu choices. Whether you are looking to create an exquisite grazing table, sensational canapes or a mouth watering three course meal.

Simply hire a local caterer, who will be able to source in-season produce for your reception, that may literally have travelled from the neighbouring farm to your venue! As many of our local wedding venues, are situated amongst agriculture, or are indeed also growers or producers of their own gourmet goodies!

With the region being home to the exquisite Black Périgord Truffle, Marron, Trout, many different varieties of fruit & vegetables, your paddock to plate dining can be divine.


Be inspired by the local flora! We have some FABULOUS floral stylists in this region, who will happily be able to style your wedding in native or locally grown, in-season flowers. There is no need to have hot-house florals if you don't want them! Green, leafy foliage is easily accessible too! With many florists literally taking cutting from their own or local gardens.

Native Bouquet by Scentiment Flowers
Native Bouquet by Scentiment Flowers


You can have some real fun thinking of eco-friendly favour options! Make, bake, create or grow your gifts for your guests! What would be a favour that you would take home and use/eat/grow?

Here are some of my favourite ideas;

  • Plants grown in a jiffy pot ready for the guest to take home and plant

  • Homemade Cookies, biscuits or cakes. You can get some great eco-friendly packaging options too, to avoid the plastic!

  • Contact a local soap maker

  • Potted indoor plants or succulents

  • Give the wedding florals as gifts at the end of the reception to special guests or helpers.

  • Miniature Fruit Cakes

  • Packet of seeds for guests to grow & remember your special day each year when they are in bloom!

  • Make Jam or Lemon Butter - we all know someone with an overflowing lemon tree!


Petals, Petals everywhere! Congratulate your couple with something that wont harm the environment or you know will be picked up or get creative with leaves and a hole punch! It's time consuming but so worth the effort.

If you don't want to use petals or leaves, you could be inspired by the Scottish tradition to throw coins to congratulate the couple! As a child that grew up around this custom, we would hear church bells and run to 'congratulate' the couple by scrambling to pick up the coins. Can guarantee if you have children at the wedding, whatever coins are thrown WILL be collected.

Enjoy your Green Wedding Planning,

Kim x

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