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Why choose Pemberton WA for your Dream Wedding Location?

Picturesque Pemberton is situated centrally in the Southern Forests Region of the South-West WA. Just a short 3 hours from Albany or 3 1/2 hours from Perth.

Think bountiful food, tall trees, fresh air, clean waterways and many, many options to have the wedding of your dreams, or even the wedding that exceeds your expectations!

It has recently become a hot spot for couples eloping, with many of the local wedding suppliers, venues and tourism operators offering their own packages to take away all the planning and giving you the option to travel to Pemberton, stay for a few days, and marry your one.

Pemberton, however, has traditionally been the town for big weddings, with many local families over the generations marrying and celebrating in the town. There was never a need to travel elsewhere unless the couple wanted to, because whilst Pemberton may seem far away from it all, it has a formidable offering of people who can provide and add their magic to your day, or if required, has the bigger Manjimup with many more professional services that can travel to Pemberton to provide for the day close and ready to assist!

There are ample accommodation options in the area, and centrally the Pemberton Mill Hall is not to be missed as the venue that can cater for all your wedding needs! If you don't believe me, check out their page here and then watch 'Jasper Jones' to see the Hall on the big screen. Author Craig Silvery knew that Pemberton was the perfect place for his hit movie, and well as someone who got married in Pemberton, I think it's a great place to get hitched!

It really can be styled however you see your dream day looking, and furniture hire companies within the southwest are regularly in the area.

The Pemberton Mill Hall offers a large hall, new commercial kitchen, separate bar/servery, stage, lighting, modern toilet facilities and ample car parking.

Within walking distance is the Pemberton Tram line that offers beautiful photo opportunities, as does the historic Pemberton Pub. It is a mere 5 minute's drive to Big Brook Dam, or the Cascades, or 15 minutes to pure natural wildness in any direction.

If you are considering a destination wedding, then the Southern Forests and Valleys region of the Southwest WA definitely has it all. Check out Pemberton at

Thanks for reading, Kim

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